I am a social creature.Here are some things I enjoy:


Ultimate Frisbee is my favorite physical activity.I play about once a week during the summer with a group of friends called the DISC-iples.Check out our web site.Other activities I enjoy are soccer, adventure racing, golf (scrambles), and most other team sports.I donít watch a lot of sports on TV Ė I would rather be playing.


My favorite hobby is playing board games.I enjoy many kinds of games, but favor games with more strategy and less luck.I am a member of Out of the Box game store, West Michigan Tabletop Gamers, and have a profile on Boardgamegeek.com.†† Playing face-to-face is best, but when that is not an option, my next favorite online / email playing method is using Games By Email.Feel free to challenge me!


I enjoy playing guitar, piano, and other instruments.I love to play and sing Christian praise and worship music with groups of other friends.